Marco Castoldi

About Me - Macro Castoldi

Macro Castoldi is also known as Morgan, he is a singer, pianist, and bass player, he works with a rock band called Bluvertigo. Morgan was born in Monza, Milan, Italy on 23rd December 1972; he is the father of Anna Lou, which is a baby girl where he had with an Italian actress Asia Argento, he has even written a shot movie video Bluvertigo: L’assenzio in the year of 2001. He is the brother of Roberta Castoldi, he has another daughter named Lara. Lara was born on December 28, 2018, and Lara was born for Jessica Mazzoli and Morgan. He has done various works as vocals, instruments, performance and writing and arrangements.

Morgan is one of the very few singers in Italy who works one various instrument and genres, although many of the works he has done were in the genre pop and folk, he has also done various works in other genres as well. He has also produced few albums in which Soerba – Playback and Morgan 6 were most highly regarded by everyone. He has also worked in the Technical side of the production of the albums as well. He currently works in the Italian film industry and works on the musical part.